Pafos buses

Renting a car is highly recommended because you will be able to go anywhere, anytime, but it is not necessary in order to enjoy your holidays with us.

There are other alternative transportation options such as the local public transport system.

Our villas are located midway between Kato Pafos and Coral Bay, just 300m away from a bus stop where there’s bus service every 10-15 minutes. There’s only one bus line stopping there (line 615), but this is the only one that you need; it covers all major local tourist areas. Busses normally run until 23:30 but during the Summer months they might extend their schedule up to 00:30-01:00. Tickets are issued by the bus drivers when you get on the bus. One way tickets cost 1.50 €. You can choose to buy a day pass or a week pass depending on how often you will use the bus. If you want to use the bus after 21:00, you have to buy a one-way night ticket for 2.50 €, regardless of having a day or a week pass.

If you take the bus going West, it will drop you off at Coral Bay area (where there’s a great beach and a large number of excellent restaurants, bars, cafes and other entertainment).

If you take the bus going East, it will pass by the Tombs of the Kings area and it will drop you off at the main bus depot at Kato Pafos.

The Tombs of the Kings area is full with entertainment, bars and restaurants and it is very active during the evening.

The Kato Pafos main bus depot is located right in front of the archaeological area, next to the harbour and the fort. This is exactly where you want to be in order to enjoy the area. The two main tourist roads of Kato Pafos start from there (the road parallel to the sea (mainstream/family/upmarket entertainment) and the bar street further North (lively nightlife). Kato Pafos is full of entertainment options, plus it is a very beautiful and scenic place to spend your time there.