Pafos best beaches

Cyprus has a large number of beaches awarded the Blue Flag award, which indicates that the awarded beach meets some specified stringent standards. Blue Flag criteria include standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria. In short, it is an indication that a particular beach meets high environmental and quality standards. 

Beaches in Cyprus were awarded a total of 67 Blue Flags, ranking the island on the top of the EU for 15 consecutive years, in Blue Flags per capita and Blue Flags per Km of beach. Also, Cyprus is the first EU country that complied 100 per cent with the strictest criteria for water quality.

A map of the Cyprus beaches who have received the Blue Flag award can be found here.

When searching for a beach, please note that in Cyprus there are no private beaches. All beaches are public and nobody has any exclusive access to any part of the beach.  Even hotels with beach and sunbeds in front of them, do not own the beach and anybody can swim there (although if the sunbeds belong to a hotel, you are not allowed to use the sunbeds and umbrellas unless you pay a fee for it; swimming and access to the beach is always free).

The nearest beach to our villa is just 270m away (350m walking distance). If you check a map, that beach is located right in front of Louis Paphos Breeze Hotel. It is a very small beach, with easy access and it is quite picturesque but unfortunately it is not a fully sandy beach. Part of the beach has sand but if you swim a few meters inside the sea then the bottom of the sea becomes full of pebbles. It also has no amenities like toilets (but your villa is very close).

If you want to simply take a swim, play with your kids in the (small) beach and then return back to the villa, then it is just fine but if you want to spend many hours at the beach then it is not for you because there are no facilities there (no sunbeds, no umbrellas) and the beach is rather secluded. Of course, you can always take your own umbrella and sunbed / beach mat.

Nearly all of our guests who do not have a car and simply prefer to walk to a beach, prefer to go to the beach near Akti Hotel. It is a good beach and it is only 550m away in a straight line (or 720m walking distance / less than 10 minutes of walking). More details on this beach will be listed later on. What we always advice is to go to Coral Bay instead. Coral bay is just 5 minutes by car or about 10 minutes by bus.

There is a bus stop less than 300m from the villa and buses are quite frequent (usually every 10 minutes; minimum waiting time is 7 minutes, maximum waiting time is 15 minutes), cheap and reliable.

Bus stops close to Meltemi Villas

Buses only cost €20 for unlimited use for a week (children below 5 years old ride for free, children below 12 year old get a 50% discount). Remember that you can use the same daily / weekly tickets to go to many other places like Kato Pafos, Tombs of the Kings and many more. The local buses are new, air conditioned and comfortable.

Below we are listing all beaches nearby divided into two categories, namely beaches accessible on foot and beaches accessible by car in less than 10 minutes. These are the personal favourites of ours; other good beaches exist, some with the Blue Flag award, we just do not frequent them and so we cannot comment on them.

Beaches accessible on foot

If you prefer to go to the nearby beaches on foot, you have the following additional options: –

270m away / 350m walking distance (in front of Louis Paphos Breeze Hotel)

Small beach. Picturesque. Easy access. Part of it with sand, part of it rocky. No amenities.

800m away / 1300m walking distance (next to St George Hotel)

Excellent beach. Very beautiful place. Part of it with sand, small part of it rocky. Does not get crowded. Amenities available. For more information and reviews, please see this link.

550m away / 720m walking distance (next to Akti Beach Hotel)

Good mid-size beach. Most of it with sand, as you move further away from the hotel it gets a bit rocky with some seaweed. Amenities available. It gets crowded by the hotel guests though.

Suggestion: Take the bus (or a rental car) and go to a different beach for the first 1-2 days. Sample them all and then decide on your favourite. Some can easily be combined with other attractions (e.g., Yeroskipou and Riccos Beach are easily combined with a visit to a nearby Water Park).

We are attaching an overhead photo showing the area around the villa with the nearest three beaches marked in blue. Please see the photo below:

Beaches accessible on foot

Our main suggestion is that if you want to take a swim and spend many hours at the beach, go either to Coral Bay or to Yeroskipou Beach. They offer the best beach and great amenities combination. If you want to go to a great beach and you do not care about amenities, Venus Beach nearby is a truly great option.

Beaches accessible by car/bus

All of the beaches listed below are easily accessible by bus. There is a bus stop located 300m away from the villas which is served by buses every 7-15 minutes.

Coral Bay Beach (blue flag award)

Coral Bay is 6200m away (7500m driving distance). It is just a 5-6 minute drive by car or 10-12 minutes by bus. It is a large world class sandy beach with full amenities and a cosmopolitan environment. For more info / reviews please see this link

Venus Beach / Golden Beach

Just 1800m away (2.3Km driving distance). This is a newly created beach after the installation of a wave breaker and it is a personal favourite of mine. The water is crystal clear, the beach and bottom of the sea is sandy, and the area is well protected from rough waters. Easy parking right next to the beach. There are not many facilities there though. For more information and reviews, please see this link.

Vardas Beach

Just 2700m away. For more information and reviews, please see this link 

Lighthouse Beach (AKA Kouttas Beach or Faros Beach – blue flag award)

Alternatively, there is a great beach near the lighthouse which is just a 3 minute drive by car. Not many people know this beach and so it is less crowded, but it is a very beautiful sandy beach with amazing views. Occasionally, during early Spring and Autumn, the water currents change and some sand drifts away exposing gravel, but this is an infrequent occasion. For more information and reviews, please see this link 

Yeroskipou Beach (and Riccos Beach next to it – blue flag award)

Big, organised beach. Full amenities on offer. Grass, restaurants, bar, tennis courts, water sports available. Can get crowded during peak Summer months but during late May there will be plenty of space. Outside of the organised area, towards East, the beach (known to the locals as Riccos Beach) continues to be very good but after 800-900m sand starts to eventually be replaced by gravel. For more information and reviews, please see this link

Pafos Harbour

There is a beach right next to the Pafos harbour. Full amenities on offer. The beach is sandy but gets very crowded. Right in the middle of the main tourist area with lots of entertainment options around.

Municipal Beach (blue flag award)

Good beach. It is just 900 feet from Paphos Castle and just off the main Poseidonos Road. Due to the beach’s location, it is close to everything you could possibly need and desire. It is a good beach with ample parking, but usually it is crowded. For more information and reviews, please see this link.

Pafos beaches

Where you should NOT swim

Following the above, in the interest of fully informing you about the current sea conditions, we believe that we have to warn you where NOT to swim.

There are two beaches in Pafos which are dangerous. Almost every year we have a fatal or near fatal incident there.

These two dangerous beaches are:

·        The beach near Tombs of the Kings.

·        Potima Beach which is the area between Kissonerga and Pegeia.

Both beaches look inviting but there are strong underwater currents which pull swimmers towards the open sea. Potima Beach is great if you just want to stay on the sandy beach (excellent beach bar and breath-taking views), but it is best avoided if you are not a strong swimmer.

We have marked in red both beaches on the map below:

Beaches to avoid

Always check if a beach has signs advising against swimming or if it has a raised flag indicating danger.

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