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Basic Information

Company Name:  Periyiali Ktimatiki Ltd 
 Company registration number:  202833
 Registered Trade Name:  Meltemi Villas
 Trade Name registration number: 33717
 VAT reg. number:  CY-10202833C
 Tax Identification Code (T.I.C.): 12202833E
Office address: 5 Nikola Azina, 8221 Chloraka, Cyprus
Registered company address: 5 Nikola Azina, 8221 Chloraka, Cyprus
Work address: 10 Dimma, 8220 Chloraka, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 70005115
Direct line:+357 99625039
Support:+357 99933390
Telefax: +357 26812621
Web site:
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Data protection

In some cases, parts of the website request you to provide personal information. These are only stored and processed as required for the purposes of personal customer-care and the forwarding of the information that you have requested. Periyiali Ktimatiki Ltd guarantees that your personal data is treated confidentially according to the stipulations incorporated in the valid data protection legislation.

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