How to obtain an entry permit to Cyprus (CyprusFlightPass)

Please note that in the foreseeable future, due to current measures in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, travellers to Cyprus must follow a certain procedure in order to be allowed entry at the airport.


The relevant procedure consists of 

  • Submitting relevant passenger information at
  • Accept a solemn declaration, and
  • For passengers arriving from certain countries (listed in category B at link here), a valid COVID-19 test is required

Please refer to the CyprusFlightPass website at for registration and more information.
We urge you to read the FAQs section for additional information.


Please refer to which outlines the process for obtaining the required CyprusFlightPass.
Please be aware that all travellers (including minors) must follow this procedure.

Also, please note that the above procedure is in addition to the normal Visa requirements.


If you are in the list of countries where you must present a valid COVID-19 test, please note that the test has to be conducted during the last 72 hours prior to your departure from your country of origin.


When filling-in the online form at, at the section “Temporary/Permanent Address in the Republic of Cyprus” you will be asked where you will be staying while in Cyprus. Please find below the relevant information: –
Hotel Name: Meltemi Villas
Number and Street: 10 Dimma str.
Apartment Number:(Leave blank)
City: Chloraka
District: Pafos
ZIP / Postal Code: 8220

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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