Cyprus – Best chance for a Covid free Summer?

We understand that the current situation of Cyprus vis-à-vis the coronavirus pandemic is without a doubt a big factor in any decision to travel to Cyprus during the Summer of 2021. Please find below a brief description of the current … Read More

Country Categories in Cyprus (COVID-19)

Countries are categorized according to their epidemiological situation into categories Green, Orange and Red, with category Green having the most favorable epidemiological status. Any Countries not defined below are treated as Grey (Special Permission) category. The categorisation of Countries will … Read More

Pafos best beaches

Cyprus has a large number of beaches awarded the Blue Flag award, which indicates that the awarded beach meets some specified stringent standards. Blue Flag criteria include standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria. … Read More

The MV Dimitrios II shipwreck

The MV Dimitrios II shipwreck is situated on the coast of Chloraka village in the town of Paphos. The cargo ship was made in Germany but was a Greek ship travelling with the flag of Ondoura. The MV Dimitrios II … Read More

Что нужно для въезда на Кипр

Что нужно для въезда на Кипр Для въезда на Кипр россияне должны пройти тест на коронавирус не ранее, чем за 72 часа до вылета. При этом справка на английском языке, подтверждающая отрицательный результат, должна быть в наличии у каждого пассажира, … Read More

How to obtain an entry permit to Cyprus (CyprusFlightPass)

Please note that in the foreseeable future, due to current measures in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, travellers to Cyprus must follow a certain procedure in order to be allowed entry at the airport. REQUIRED STEPS The relevant … Read More